We are sharing the answers to most of the questions that you probably have in mind right about now. If we missed any and you are still wondering about something, please feel free to contact us at

General FAQ

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member cannot be any easier! All you need to do is send us your details at
Provide us the details of your Website, Monthly Traffic, Expected visits from Telanganites, Your Email ID, Phone & Mobile Number for communication!
We will get back to you at an earliest time once we receive your intrest to be our affiliate.

Who are you guys? is owned by Telangana Ads. Headquartered in Warangal, the company has operations spread across Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Adilabad, Nalgonda. and is privately owned and funded.

I want to congratulate your team for coming up with such a cool site!

 Awww, thanks! We love feedback, good and bad! Email us at (if you'd like to send us a box of chocolates and have a question, email us

What is the Affiliate Programme?, Telangana's leading matrimonial site, is looking for business partners. To earn additional revenue, all you have to do is put our banner on your website. We will give you a percentage of our profits for every Paid Registration that we get through your website. For your information, we offer the industry's best pay-outs.

How can I join the Affiliate Programme?

 It's very simple. You just have to fill in the Affiliate Registration Form and submit it. Our team will screen that form and you will be intimated about our acceptance.

How much will I be paid for the referrals you receive through my site?

Following is the Revenue Structure for each referral through your site:

Will it cost me anything to join the Affiliate Programme?

 Absolutely not! Joining the Affiliate Programme will not cost you a single rupee.

Can my website join the Affiliate Programme?

If your website meets our Terms & Conditions then it can always join the Affiliate Programme.
Do I need to have a website to join the Affiliate Programme? Yes, you need to have a website because we will be providing you with banner links that you will have to place on your site only.
Are international webmasters also eligible for the Affiliate Programme? Definitely! Webmasters from any part of the world can join the Affiliate Programme.
How will you come to know that the members have registered through my site? We will provide you with special "tagged" links that you will place on your site instead of, otherwise we won't be able to track the leads coming from your site.
How do I build the links to on my site? Very simple. Login to "Affiliate Centre" page, click on the Banner Links section and simply copy - paste the URL in your HTML source.
How will I get to know my revenue earnings? We will keep a track of all the leads and monitor each and every FREE member and Paid member. We will give you a username and a password so that you can access to 'Your Reports' account and monitor how many leads you have generated and how much you have earned your self Everyday.
Are there any charge backs? Yes, if any registration through your site gets cancelled then your account will be debited for the commission on that cancelled registration.
If I forget my password or user name, will I be able to retrieve it? Yes, you can retrieve you username and password. In the login page, click on 'Forgot Password' and then mention your username (if you remember) or e-mail ID. Submit it and we will e-mail you your username and password.
If I have multiple websites then do I have to register each one of them separately? No, You need not register for each website individually. You can place your affiliate code on all your websites with one account.
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